A single solution for cooling,
warming and compression.


A portable solution for
cooling and compression


Feel the difference

We believe that we need products
as advanced as our own bodies.

We have a natural unwillingness
to accept the obvious.

Your body deserves better.


Our products are not designed to be the limiting factor. PHYSIOLAB ® is a toolkit for delivering thermal energy and compression to the body with maximum efficiency.


All the variables are intelligently controlled with precision and accuracy to respond to the body’s requirements. We sense and control to 1°C and +/- 10 mmHg every second.


With this level of control we can deliver temperatures to the body between 6°C and 40°C, either intermittently or continuously over a period of 30 minutes.


Our patented Therapy Packs provide true clinical compression with unrivalled conformability across the entire treatment area. The dual layered design ensures pressure can be actively adjusted every second. This is independently controlled and ensures thermal delivery is not impacted during therapy.


We can provide temperature, compression and fit consistently and accurately time after time.  This repeatability means we can quantify and measure recovery.


The application of pressure, warming and cooling is commonly used but never with any real precision. It is vital to change this ‘no control’ approach.

We must understand what is required and when. We need to ensure enough energy (cooling, warming, compression) is provided to deliver the best outcomes but not too much, which could potentially slow down performance or even cause damage.

Our bodies go through different stages of recovery and healing and our requirements change during this time. Understand these changes and you can track progress and also know what therapy to apply and when.

  • The ability to continually and autonomously adjust energy capacity within the Therapy Pack to match the physical and biological requirements of its unique user.


    This controls how thermal energy is held directly against the tissue. It is essential to have just enough energy capacity in the Therapy Pack to deliver a safe and effective treatment.

  • Turning the intangible into the tangible by monitoring the thermal energy flowing between the Therapy Pack and user, with real-time feedback and communication.


    This builds a true understanding of the state and condition of the injured tissue and allows the user to monitor progress throughout repair and recovery

  • The unique, patented design of our tubular Therapy Packs creates 360 degrees of continuous contact around the limb, ensuring a perfect grip every time.


    PKGRP provides a custom fit first time every time with superior thermal connection. This ensures that the selected thermal and compression profiles are precisely and consistently delivered to the treatment area.

  • An enhanced safety feature that independently and continuously measures the temperature and pressure of the Therapy Pack in use.


    By directly and independently measuring the Therapy Pack’s state, we can accurately record the thermal energy flow to and from the user. This verifies both safety and effectiveness throughout the treatment.

  • The ability to create a single or course of digital treatments that can be accessed securely and remotely.


    This feature enables professionals to ‘prescribe’ safe and effective treatments for their clients continuing recovery or rehabilitation at the client’s convenience.

About Us

At PHYSIOLAB®, we are passionate and sincere about what we do.

We have a genuine desire to support our customers with effective products and programmes. We have a talented and honest team who believe in doing business the right way: with integrity supported by science and fact and driven by our natural curiosity.

We continually leverage our experience working with medical and clinical experts to maximise the performance of our products and programmes. We are supported by forward thinking financial partners who include high worth individuals and successful fund management groups, such as Artemis.

Our clinical partners include physiotherapists, leading surgeons and internationally recognised foundations, such as the CAR Institute.


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