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Getting up the stairs, in and out the bath, reaching for something on the floor. Have you recently had surgery and are struggling to recover? Having the confidence to not worry about trips or falls. These can all be concerns if we become less active. We want to help you to continue to do the things you love with confidence: walking your dog in the countryside, playing with your children or simply enjoying a well-earned lunch out with friends.

Whatever the injury, we can help

Do you suffer from a chronic condition, such as arthritis? Do you have frequent lower back pain or sciatica? Have you had a recent fall and sprained an ankle? Or had an accident? At PHYSIOLAB® we believe your body deserves the best. Our tailored, repeatable therapies are safe and effective and, even better, can be delivered in the comfort of your own home.


Alison Chapman

Prior to surgery I had extreme pain in my hip and groin when sitting and standing and I couldn't walk for more than an hour a day. Any position was uncomfortable. Within the first few days following treatment with PHYSIOLAB® I was almost pain free: getting up and about and being able to do things again. Being a mum of four this was crucial for me! I’ve managed to go back to work one week earlier than predicted by my consultant and I am two weeks ahead on my rehab. PHYSIOLAB® has made a huge difference to my recovery.

45-year old Alison sustained a recurring injury to her left hip after running between forty to fifty kilometres a week. The injury resulted in increased flexion, cartilage damage and shrinkage of the hip socket. Following a hip arthroscopy, she was prescribed cryotherapy and intermittent compression using the PHYSIOLAB® C1 to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation.

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