The Technology:

How It Works

The application of pressure, warming and cooling is commonly used but never with any real precision. For any injury or condition, we must understand what is required and when. We need to ensure enough energy (cooling, warming, compression) is provided to deliver the best outcomes but not too much, which could potentially slow down performance or even cause damage.

Technology you can trust

Injuries can leave us feeling vulnerable and uncertain. At PHYSIOLAB® we understand you need precise, repeatable and consistent therapies which you can trust, giving you the confidence you need to apply targeted specific treatments time after time.

Highly flexible functionality

Our systems are designed to be flexible: from injury management to rehabilitation, recovery and pre-training preparation, you can be assured of technology which promotes and complements the body’s natural healing process. The specificity of temperature control and pressure targets each stage of the healing process, maximising and complementing the natural physiological processes of tissue repair and promoting optimum healing.

Precision control

Our patented technology provides accurate temperatures from 6°C to 40°C and compression settings from 25 to 75 mmHg. Our therapy packs provide a tailored fit to all areas first time, every time, creating excellent thermal connectivity and ultimately a more effective treatment. Using this consistent approach you can reduce pain, boost body performance and recovery, pre and post activity as well as aiding soft tissue repair following injury.

Want to know about the science?

Each and every one of us is unequivocally unique. At PHYSIOLAB® we provide you with a precision approach for each and every one of you and your patients.

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