Therapy Packs

Our patented Therapy Packs provide true clinical compression with unrivalled fit and performance across the entire treatment area. The result: a precise, effective, reproducible, quantifiable and safe therapy every time.

Overview Tech Specs


Our therapy packs have been designed to fit perfectly time after time. There are easy to apply: our Autogrip technology, which inflates the pack prior to therapy, helps it to stay in place without the fuss or hygiene concerns of Velcro.

The patented multi layered design ensures pressure can be actively adjusted every second, either continuously or intermittently: even distribution of pressure is achieved across the injured joint maximising therapy benefits and ensuring that there are no ‘hotspots’ left in the tissues.

Any Injury, Anywhere

Our intelligent packs are controlled so it’s impossible to accidentally over or under fill the pack. They are also durable, breathable and hygienic.

The broad range of packs reinforces our desire to create truly bespoke treatments for all areas of the body. They include tubular sizes for limbs, as well as separate groin, shoulder, lower back, ankle and foot therapy packs.

Technical Specifications

  • Materials

    Polyurethane (PU) coated Nylon with
    Durable Water Repellent (DWR)

  • Packs Available

    Nine sizes of tube available for arms and legs, boot, groin (left and right), back (L, XL), shoulder (M, L, left and right)

    Designed, built and maintained in the EU.


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