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Who You Are

You live for the weekend and the freedom it brings is what defines you. You are the weekend warrior. The extreme sportsperson! You climb, you run, you cycle, you swim and above all you play hard. It’s all about you against the event and your fellow competitors.

How do you feel when you get an injury? Frustrated, gutted and disappointed. You’re not a professional elite, so there’s no dedicated medical team to back you up. You do what you can when injury hits. These precious active weekends are your sanctuary. Any time away through injury is brutally hard.

How we help you

At PHYSIOLAB® we want to help you back in the game fast! For pulls, strains and sprains, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) or worse, our individual programmes of compression and hot or cold thermal treatments will get you back doing the things you love quicker than you ever thought possible.


Harry Ferguson

I really believe the cooling, warming and compression made a big difference to the swelling. I had less pain whilst flexing and extending my knee. Climbing the stairs also became easier.

19-year old Harry sustained a full thickness ACL tear and medial meniscus bucket handle tear to his right knee when playing rugby. Following ACL reconstruction and meniscal repair surgery he was prescribed cryotherapy and compression using the PHYSIOLAB® C1 to reduce swelling and oedema.

After the first day of treatment, swelling reduced by 1.3 cm and range of movement increased from 110 to 120 degrees, with full extension achieved for the first time.

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