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Following surgery, pain and oedema are key concerns. We understand your patients’ welfare comes first and want to help you to help them. Like you, we are driven to improve their clinical outcomes, reducing pain, facilitating fast, repeatable and consistent treatments you can rely on.

Technology You Can Trust

At PHYSIOLAB® we work collaboratively with our medical partners, designing our products to give you crucial data about the stages of recovery so you can accurately track your client’s progress with real-time feedback. This gives you the technology you need at your fingertips to monitor their progress throughout recovery and repair with precision. Even better, all your patient data can be downloaded, transferred into your medical notes database, tracked and extracted for accurate auditing and review.

Whatever The Injury, We Can Help

Are your patients suffering from pain, oedema, intra articular pathology, chronic arthritic conditions, ligamentous and joint stiffness? Our tailored, repeatable therapies give you the confidence that their recovery and future is in safe and expert hands. From immediate use post-surgery through to conservative management, our surgical grade therapy packs provide you with the assurance of a sterile and hygienic environment to enhance bone tissue and optimise recovery.


Dr Adam G. Garnett

GMC Register in Sport & Exercise Medicine, Fellowship of the Faculty of Sport & Exercise Medicine, BUPA Registered Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine
The PHYSIOLAB® team was superb and enabled us to offer appropriate treatment for the many muscle strains that we saw.  It was certainly a much more professional way of managing muscle strains with compression and cooling, rather than using the bags of ice that we had envisaged, indeed it enabled us to treat patients with the best standard of medical care.   We had two or three fairly significant injuries involving two cruciate injuries to the knee and a significant hamstring tear and these were managed with the PHYSIOLAB®system.  I do believe this will help with their rehabilitation and certainly helped to manage their pain and swelling during the acute episode after the injury.  The feedback from my medical team and all the athletes was superb.
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