How It Works:

The Science

Stages of recovery

Our bodies go through different stages of recovery and healing. Our requirements change during this time:

  • In the ‘Bleeding Phase’ cooling is used to provide vasoconstriction to reduce bleeding and combined with compression to provide analgesia.
  • The ‘Inflammatory Phase’ uses compression to reduce swelling and improve function, whilst cooling continues to provide analgesic management diminishing pain.
  • The ‘Proliferation Phase’ involves heat or contrast therapy (rapid change between hot and cold) to improve joint mobility by reducing muscle tone. Oxygen and nutrients are supplied across the injury site via vasodilation of the tissues and cell metabolism is increased promoting rapid removal of necrotic tissue. The use of compression is continued to reduce muscle tone and improve function.
  • The ‘Remodelling Phase’ uses heat to increase tissue pliability and improves joint and muscle range of movement leading to improved function.

Uniquely you

Each and every one of us is unequivocally unique. At PHYSIOLAB® we provide you with a precision approach for each and every one of you and your patients.

This includes:

  • 100% bespoke treatments available for the lead clinician to programme.
  • The ability to develop and design individual protocols used for each individual or throughout a specific injury, all programmed to allow maximum specificity.
  • Tissue specific protocols and guidelines making therapies easier to use for medical professionals and individuals alike.

Want to read the Research?

It has been demonstrated in scientific studies that cooling and compression can help to accelerate soft tissue repair and recovery if applied at the correct points during the healing/recovery process.

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