Swelling can be reduced effectively by using cooling/warming with compression. This combination of therapies promotes lymphatic drainage.


The combination of cooling and compression not only improves the depth of tissue penetration but also accelerates the speed of the treatment. This will provide an analgesic effect to the injured area.


Our treatments are optimised for every patient to aid the healing process. By continuously measuring temperature and pressure clinicians can be confident that the treatment time can be tailored to each individual’s tissue.


Our temperature guidelines of 6°C to 40°C provide safe parameters to prevent tissue damage during cooling and warming. Our compression levels of 25 to 75 mmHg prevent loss of circulation.


Treat injured athletes and clients anywhere inside and out with our S1 portable device. No need to search for ice on location, the S1 can be filled with ice at home for convenience.


Our therapy packs are made from surgical grade fabrics, which can be wiped clean for safe and effective use time after time.


Our patented tubular therapy packs are available in a range of sizes, meaning treatment can be applied to any size or length limb without compromise.


Mobility can be safety and swiftly improved by increasing blood flow to the injured area using carefully controlled warming.


IP rated, our portable S1 toolkit provides maximum durability and flexibility as it has been designed for effective use outside ‘on the field of play’.

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