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Mini Bag


How do I make sense of this? What can I do? Will I ever get back to how I was before? 

These are questions our customers approach us with when suffering from injury, anxious they could be doing more to get better. Everybody knows it is no longer enough just to stick a bag of ice on your leg and hope for the best, but what is the 'better approach'? The problem with injury recovery is that there is so much information out there - it’s almost impossible to decide what is right for you. At PHYSIOLAB® we possess a deep respect for how the human body works and continuously question products in the market that help us repair, recover and perform. We are committed to helping you repair and recover faster than you ever thought possible, considering aspects such as:

What is the optimum temperature for repair? How much compression should be applied? How long should the treatment last?

It is for this reason that our products employ effective therapies at optimum temperatures, with the right levels of compression, for the appropriate amount of time. We are committed to relieving customers’ concerns with products that serve as the sought-after 'better approach'. PHYSIOLAB® is an organisation you can trust, with products engineered to make that desired difference and a team dedicated to supporting you on your journey.