The Physiolab Story:

Who We Are

At PHYSIOLAB®, we are committed to making a real difference to your life by helping you to reduce pain and recover from injury, returning you to the activities and sports which you love. We work with integrity and in partnership with athletes, medical professionals and everyday people using trusted technology to deliver treatments which excel.


Following a knee injury, inventor Nik Rose questioned the use of ice and compression in recovery.


A lack of data about how much cooling, warming or compression should be delivered during rehabilitation led Nik to start researching an intelligently controlled device which would give feedback on recovery.


PHYSIOLAB® Technologies Ltd. was founded in the UK.


After thousands of hours of product testing the first prototype of the PHYSIOLAB® C1 Clinical machine was born.


The initial patents for the PHYSIOLAB® system and therapy packs are developed.


PHYSIOLAB® continues its insatiable research & development: over 20 patents have been applied for and more than 10 unique technical innovations have been devised since the C1 Unit’s conception.


A pilot study with the renowned CAR Institute in Barcelona is initiated.


The C1 machine wins the prestigious iNOVO Tech Award celebrating Technical Innovation.


PHYSIOLAB® launches the new S1 portable solution.

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