S1 Physiolab Injury and Pain Management Therapy

Our temperature guidelines of 6°C to 12°C provide safe parameters for effective deep tissue cooling without complications.

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Physiolab S1 Portable Injury Recovery



"The S1 really helped to reduce my swelling and increase my range of motion. I started using it soon after my operation and it was really easy to use - you literally just pop the ice in, select the therapy you want and you’re good to go. The therapy packs reach around the whole of your knee and the compression makes all the difference."

Molly Collinson underwent a full ACL (Anterior Crucial Ligament) reconstruction after injuring her knee playing football. To help with the post-operative swelling, inflammation and pain, Molly started using PHYSIOLAB’s S1 soon after her surgery. She used it on a daily basis, setting treatments at 6°C, 25:75mmHg for 15-30 minutes at a time. Just 6 weeks after her surgery, Molly had nearly achieved full flexion in her knee.