If you are presenting symptoms such as muscle soreness, then you may be suffering from DOMS. DOMS can affect anyone who is active, no matter if you are an elite athlete or an everyday fitness enthusiast. The cause of your symptoms are ‘Myofibril tears’ (small muscular traumas that occur during exercising), which result in intramuscular fluid (swelling) and electrolyte alterations.

Symptoms Of DOMS:

      Aching and sore muscles
        Feeling stiff
          Muscles are tender post-exercise

Severe Symptoms Of DOMS Include:

    - Swelling
    - Reduced range of movement
    -Temporary limited muscle strength in the affected area

    Treatment Of DOMS:

                  - Active Rest
                  - Cooling the affected muscles
                  - Muscular pressure sleeves
                  - Soft massaging of muscles
                  - Avoiding strong impact sports
                  - Cycling can ease symptoms

      Additional Exercises And Measures to manage DOMS:

                  - Gradually increase your exercise routine
                  - When doing exercises with weights only add 10% more each week
                  - Make sure that you warm up and cool down your muscles before and after exercising.
                  - Utilising Foam Rolling and stretching will help prevent muscles from knotting and becoming stiff.
                  - Having a balanced diet can aide muscle recovery. Carbohydrates are high in insulin promoting muscle growth within the body. Protein aids the maintenance and repair of muscles. Helping with the recovery of myofibril tears. Antioxidant fruits such as berries can decrease inflammation and muscle soreness.

        The symptoms of DOMS tend to occur 24-48 hours after intense exercise (especially if you are not used to it). If you are suffering from DOMS, you can safely assume that you are increasing your fitness levels – however you needn’t let it stop you continuing your fitness routine!

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