How can PHYSIOLAB support me?

PHYSIOLAB can support you with symptoms of pain, swelling and inflammation from the comfort of your own home. Our cryotherapy packages provide a physical means of treatment that can be applied easily and safely in your time of need. Using PHYSIOLAB at home can be an effective adjunct to your medical consultations and our packages are recommended by medical professionals and patients nationwide to help pre & post surgery, with acute injuries and to treat chronic pain.

How does it work?

Select the package appropriate for the bodypart you'd like to treat (ie. knee, hip, shoulder, ankle) on our SHOP page. From there, select the amount of time you'd like to keep PHYSIOLAB (from 4-24 weeks) and then add to basket. On checkout, you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire and set up a direct debit. The direct debit will act as a guarantee against loss or theft of the unit. We operate next working day delivery and this is included in your package price. We also cover the collection of your unit when you've finished.

What is the evidence?

We ask all customers to complete a customer experience questionnaire. As of February 2020, these were the results...

  • 97% of customers said that PHYSIOLAB effectively reduced their swelling
  • 92% of customers said PHYSIOLAB was effective at reducing their pain
  • 92% of customers said PHYSIOLAB improved their mobility
  • 95% of customers would recommend to their friends and family

Not convinced? Find out what medical professionals say about us by clicking onto our VIDEO WALL.

What next?

Make day-to-day life less painful and improve your mobility by ordering your PHYSIOLAB package today!

SHOP OUR PACKAGES to place your order or CONTACT US if you would like to have an informal chat and ask any questions you may have.