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Whether you work in a clinic or with a sports or athletics team, we understand that your patients’ and players’ welfare comes first. Like you, we are driven to improve their clinical outcomes, reducing pain, maximising performance and facilitating fast, repeatable and consistent treatments you can rely on.

Technology You Can Trust

At PHYSIOLAB® we work collaboratively with our physiotherapist partners, designing our products to give you crucial data about the stages of recovery so you can accurately track your client’s progress with real-time feedback. This gives you the technology you need at your fingertips to monitor their progress throughout recovery and repair with precision. Even better, all your patient data can be downloaded, transferred into your medical notes database, tracked and extracted for accurate auditing and review.

Whatever The Injury, We Can Help

Are your patients suffering from lower back or neck pain, sciatica, arthritis, whiplash, tennis or golf elbow? Do your players want to maximise performance? Are they struggling with ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tears, lateral ankle sprains or muscle strains, Achilles and patella tendinopathy, shin splints, patellofemoral syndrome, groin, hip flexor or hamstring strains? Our tailored, repeatable therapies give you the confidence that their recovery and future is in safe and expert hands.


Barry Goudriaan

Head Physiotherapist / Science and Medicine Lead, Northamptonshire County Cricket Club
PHYSIOLAB® enables us to deliver a very precise therapy with a consistently positive outcome. The unique thing about PHYSIOLAB® is that you can use it on almost every body part and at every stage of an injury or niggle including acute and ongoing chronic injuries. It is also movable so we have used it everywhere from the Clinic Unit in the Club’s Treatment Room to other cricket grounds and even in hotels. We have successfully used it before, during batting innings and post-match. Unlike other treatments, PHYSIOLAB® guarantees the same output/ delivery each time you use a particular programme. Variables like temperature, pressure and placements are always repeatable and consistent when we use the programmed treatment again. The players have benefitted from injury times being reduced, with reduction of injuries guaranteed and treatment/waiting times shortened.
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